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My $620 Listing Program:
How it works-You now have the best of both worlds-FOR SALE BY OWNER and listing with a REALTOR at an affordable price
If you do not want to pay $620 at the time of listing, I charge 2% paid at closing and a 20.00 transaction fee at closing
If a buyer’s agent brings you a contract you will pay that agent 3%
Savings vs 6% Commission
$620 Plus 3 % to The Buyer’s Agent
Price of Home           6%                     $620 Plus 3 % to The Buyer’s Agent               Savings
$100,000               $6,000.00                              $3,620.00                                              $2,380.00
$200,000               $12,000.00                           $6,620.00                                              $5,380.00
$300,000               $18,000.00                           $9,620.00                                              $8380.00
How can I offer such a low fee? It’s simple I do not have to pay middle-man fee and I do a volume business.
  • MLS Listing (includes color photos and description of property and surrounding area) - 6 month term
  • Up to 10 Color Photos on MLS
  • Full Internet exposure on major Realty websites such as:
Also listed on local Realty websites… (up to 6 months)
o    100's of local real estate web sites companies ...
  • Yard sign
  • key lock box
  • Sales Kit
  •   * Set up Centralized Showing Service - CSS  * Showing Feedback ...



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